The authors sell this series in order to help fund their ministry and we want to protect their efforts. In order to protect the authors of this Biblical Citizenship series. Videos & study materials are only available on this private page.  The password to access the video library was sent to those who registered for this course. If you have any questions, please email
Videos are password protected.
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 Week 1 – (Session 1) The Foundation

  • Video 1 (password protected, see above)
  • Video 2 (password protected, see above)
  • Notes (pdf download)

 Week 2 (Session 2) – Tending the Garden

 Week 3A (Session 3) – Understanding the Times

 Week 3B (Session 4) – The U.S. Constitution

 Week 4 (Session 5) – The Seeds of Liberty

Week 5 (Session 6) – Who Has Authority to Decide?

Week 6 – Of Kings & Courts

Week 7 – Religious Liberty & Other Rights

Week 8 – Being Salt & Light