Dedicated corporate prayer for:

  • Our Nation
  • Our Communities
  • Our Church
  • Our Families/Friends

Join Us!

Thursdays from 7 – 8 pm
Fairview Baptist Church, Edmond
Classroom north of nursery in the northwest corner of the building, enter via northwest door.
Also live on Zoom web conference and/or telephone (Click here for Zoom login info)
Topics Include:
Our Nation
  • Upcoming elections would be conducted fairly and without cheating
  • God following leaders would be elected to all offices
  • Our faith: turning back to God through repentance and humbleness
  • Our military and their families
  • Our federal government and other state governments and leaders
  • Our economy, patriotism, Americanism, etc.
Our Communities
  • State and local leaders
  • Our individual towns, economies and people that live near us for salvation and holy living
Our Church
  • Pastors, staff and other leaders
  • Teachers and helpers at all levels
  • Servants in the many ministries of FBC and extended ministries
  • All members and regular visitors for health, holy living and salvation
Our Families and Friends
  • The backbone of our church (our people)
  • Immediate family (marriages, children)
  • Extended family
  • Education of children
  • Friends