Pastor Update 9/21/2019

Fairview Family,
This is an exciting week and another that shows the shadow cast by Fairview Baptist.
Pastor Fisher is still out of state doing a string of Black Robed Regiment presentations in Idaho.
I will be baptizing THREE new believers in Orlando, then driving to Miami to host 100 Latino pastors in another Liberty Pastor Training Camp beginning Sunday night.
Our own Jesse Stone will be preaching at Fairview. For those of you new to Fairview, Jesse is the son of Bro. Gene & Ms. Kelly Stone and he grew up at Fairview. While on a mission trip to Nicaragua several years ago, Jesse met Indy and they were married.

Jesse and Indie are a precious couple working as missionaries in Nicaragua, evangelists in America and also assist Dave Mehlhaff mentoring our college kids.
What a proud moment for me as the pastor of Fairview for nearly two decades to be able to see one of our own young men fill the pulpit in the church where he grew up!!
Dan will have a recorded video for his Pastor’s Bible Class. Make sure you are at church for Sunday School at 9:30 then let’s have a full house for church at 10:30!!
Cindy and I will be back this week and in the pulpit at Fairview next week for Pastor’s Bible Class and church!
Keep Dan, Pam, Cindy and me in your prayers as we will for you.
Pastor Paul and Cindy