Pastor Update 11/1/2019

Fairview Family,

Pastor Dan will be a keynote speaker at the Repent with Us Conference this Saturday at CHA. Constitutional Scholar John Eidsmoe (who we had in our church for the Protect Life and Marriage Effort) and former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes are also speaking.

The focus is calling attention to the holocaust of abortion and showing the State of Oklahoma how WE CAN STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PRE-BORN CHILDREN!

Seven years ago Colorado legalized marijuana in spite of it being against Federal law. Now 33 states (including Oklahoma) have done the same. Why can’t Oklahoma be the first state to say “NO” to the Supreme Court’s obviously wrong ruling in Roe v. Wade? We can!

The conference begins at 1 PM and ends at 5 PM, this Saturday, November 2.
The location is the Christian Heritage Academy auditorium, 4400 SE 27th Street, Del City.

Enough is enough! Let’s quit playing games. Is Oklahoma really willing to ignore and defy Federal Law when it comes to marijuana, but isn’t willing to stop the shedding of innocent blood? Repent with Us!!!

Pastor Paul