Pastor Update 10/2/2019

Good Afternoon All!
After a couple of hectic weeks of being on the road, Pam and I are so excited to be back home!
As most of you know, after Pam & I returned from the Black Robe Regiment tour that took us to Idaho, Dan Davis and I made a quick 4 day trip to speak at an event in Pennsylvania! So it is very good to be back in Oklahoma.
I will be back in the sanctuary class teaching this Sunday morning – can’t wait to continue our journey through the first few verses of Genesis 1.
Thank you so much, God Bless each of you…look so forward to seeing everyone!!
Pastor Dan
(Reminder – Wednesday night meal this evening at 5:30PM (Breakfast will be served!!), followed by AWANA and Youth @ 6:30PM and Bible Study led by Pastor Paul @ 6:45PM)