Message: “The Promise Of The Church” from Paul Blair

Paul Blair - Pastor - November 23, 2014

Seven Signs Of God’s Providence With The Pilgrims - Thanksgiving 2014

When you look at the history surrounding the Pilgrims, they were either really lucky or God was watching over and guiding them. 1.) Miracle 1: 1588 Storm that Destroyed the Spanish Armada (consequently, New England was settled by Separatists and Puritans, rather than Catholic Spain) 2.) Miracle 2: They were the first generation to have access to the Bible for themselves 3.) Miracle 3 & 4: Having their trip delayed, they were blown off course by storms. They avoided certain death and landed in an ideal location. 4.) Miracle 5: At their weakest point, an English-speaking Indian who liked Englishmen walked into their camp. 5.) Miracle 6: Communism was tried and failed. 6.) Miracle 7: The Practice of Church Constitutions and Elections (Congregational Churches) laid the foundation for American Civil Government

Scripture References: Psalm 78:1-7

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