Pastor Update 11/30/2019

Church Family,
I hope you all have had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving week!
Cindy and I have so much to be thankful for and have thoroughly enjoyed being home this week. We also are very excited about being with you tomorrow at Fairview.
Make sure you are in church tomorrow for the message OR make sure you watch it online. We will be dealing with the difference between the Church and Israel. This is such an important subject. So many denominations believe God’s promises to Israel now belong to the Church. Tomorrow, we will build the truth brick by brick so that the truth is irrefutable.
Also, remember this is a big weekend and week. Tomorrow night will be our Annual Christmas Cantata and Meal.
Then on Tuesday, we will enjoy our annual Hometown Heroes Luncheon for local Law Enforcement, EMSA, Fire and Veterans.
Have great day, put on your favorite Christmas tie and we’ll see you in the morning.
Remember, Pastor Dan and our Sunday School teachers will have class at 9:30 with delicious Daylight Donuts before.
God Bless!!
Pastor Paul and Cindy


Update From Sue 11/2/2019

Time Change Tonight & Services Tomorrow
Good Afternoon All – Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful autumn afternoon. God has so blessed us with such a gorgeous day!
Please remember tonight we “fall back”, so be sure & turn your clocks back 1 hour before you set your alarm!
We look forward to seeing everyone bright & early (and on time 😊) tomorrow morning! Pastor Dan is back in town & will be teaching his Bible Class in the sanctuary at 9:30AM. Pastor Paul is still in town and will be preaching during worship service.
Also remember to get your reservations in for the Christmas Cantata/Dinner…the deadline to turn those in is Sunday, November 17th.
Have a blessed afternoon/evening…we look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


Pastor Update 11/1/2019

Fairview Family,

Pastor Dan will be a keynote speaker at the Repent with Us Conference this Saturday at CHA. Constitutional Scholar John Eidsmoe (who we had in our church for the Protect Life and Marriage Effort) and former UN Ambassador Alan Keyes are also speaking.

The focus is calling attention to the holocaust of abortion and showing the State of Oklahoma how WE CAN STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PRE-BORN CHILDREN!

Seven years ago Colorado legalized marijuana in spite of it being against Federal law. Now 33 states (including Oklahoma) have done the same. Why can’t Oklahoma be the first state to say “NO” to the Supreme Court’s obviously wrong ruling in Roe v. Wade? We can!

The conference begins at 1 PM and ends at 5 PM, this Saturday, November 2.
The location is the Christian Heritage Academy auditorium, 4400 SE 27th Street, Del City.

Enough is enough! Let’s quit playing games. Is Oklahoma really willing to ignore and defy Federal Law when it comes to marijuana, but isn’t willing to stop the shedding of innocent blood? Repent with Us!!!

Pastor Paul


Pastor Update 10/20/2019

Fairview Family,

The devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and destroy. He wants to destroy you, your testimony, your family, our church AND this country.
This week, I had a meeting with one of the President’s Spiritual Advisers. They are very encouraged by the work we are doing in Florida.
We have a Liberty Pastor Training Camp scheduled for next month in Tampa Bay. We also have a twenty city tour across Florida scheduled for this Spring.
In our part of the country, Dr. Rick Scarborough is wanting to schedule Liberty Pastor camps across Texas and Bro. Dan and I are planning events in Oklahoma. With Christianity crumbling under the intimidation of the LGBT agenda and under attack by George Soros, I believe our work is critical!!
Fairview Baptist Church, you are responsible for this work.
Keep Bro Dan and Pam in your prayers and and keep me and Cindy in your prayers. Although we all are tired, we can not grow weary in well doing.
Have great services in Edmond and let’s pack the house!! Nothing encourages a tired preacher more than a full house. With what Fairview is doing, we should be standing room only every week!!
See you next Sunday!!
Bro. Paul and Cindy


Pastor Update 10/12/2019

Fairview Family,

The Bible says that the last days will be marked by perilous times. We can bear witness to that as we see evil on the rampage around the world. We see our friends the Kurds under attack by Turkey and at the same time we see the first ever official celebration for homosexuality here in Edmond.

We need to be in church every time the doors are open being equipped for the spiritual warfare we face.

Let’s pack the pews at Fairview tomorrow!!

Pastor Dan is back in good health and will be back in the pulpit.
Be praying for Liberty Church of Orlando as Cindy and I will be back in the Sunshine state.
God bless you all and we’ll see you in two weeks!!
Pastor Paul & Cindy


Pastor Update 10/2/2019

Good Afternoon All!
After a couple of hectic weeks of being on the road, Pam and I are so excited to be back home!
As most of you know, after Pam & I returned from the Black Robe Regiment tour that took us to Idaho, Dan Davis and I made a quick 4 day trip to speak at an event in Pennsylvania! So it is very good to be back in Oklahoma.
I will be back in the sanctuary class teaching this Sunday morning – can’t wait to continue our journey through the first few verses of Genesis 1.
Thank you so much, God Bless each of you…look so forward to seeing everyone!!
Pastor Dan
(Reminder – Wednesday night meal this evening at 5:30PM (Breakfast will be served!!), followed by AWANA and Youth @ 6:30PM and Bible Study led by Pastor Paul @ 6:45PM)


Pastor Update 9/21/2019

Fairview Family,
This is an exciting week and another that shows the shadow cast by Fairview Baptist.
Pastor Fisher is still out of state doing a string of Black Robed Regiment presentations in Idaho.
I will be baptizing THREE new believers in Orlando, then driving to Miami to host 100 Latino pastors in another Liberty Pastor Training Camp beginning Sunday night.
Our own Jesse Stone will be preaching at Fairview. For those of you new to Fairview, Jesse is the son of Bro. Gene & Ms. Kelly Stone and he grew up at Fairview. While on a mission trip to Nicaragua several years ago, Jesse met Indy and they were married.

Jesse and Indie are a precious couple working as missionaries in Nicaragua, evangelists in America and also assist Dave Mehlhaff mentoring our college kids.
What a proud moment for me as the pastor of Fairview for nearly two decades to be able to see one of our own young men fill the pulpit in the church where he grew up!!
Dan will have a recorded video for his Pastor’s Bible Class. Make sure you are at church for Sunday School at 9:30 then let’s have a full house for church at 10:30!!
Cindy and I will be back this week and in the pulpit at Fairview next week for Pastor’s Bible Class and church!
Keep Dan, Pam, Cindy and me in your prayers as we will for you.
Pastor Paul and Cindy





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-Black Robe Regiment Events

Nov 2 – Speaking at Repent With Us Conf., OKC, OK
Nov 10 – BRR presentation, Encounter Church, Tulsa, OK (7 p.m.)

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