Truth and Training is an Awana club for kids in the third through the sixth grades. The primary focus, as the name suggests, is to teach children God’s Word and then train them to apply what they learn in every day life.
Fun and Adventure!
Here are some features of this program that will make it fun for children to learn about the Bible and about life’s greatest adventure – a relationship with Jesus:
  • Children will have four handbooks to go through, and will be challenged as each increases in difficulty.
  • As the children go through the books, each adventure is accompanied by fun characters who teach important lessons.
  • The curriculum is based on Biblical truth so that children are given a firm foundation on which to build their faith. Scripture memory and application of God’s Word are also key elements.
  • Interactive CDs allow kids to play exciting games which help them to further understand what they are learning.
  • Groups meet on a weekly basis and work on Scripture memorization, study the Bible, hear the gospel message, play fun team-games, and earn awards.
Here’s what a child will have accomplished by the end of this curriculum:
  • Memorized about 310 verses
  • Heard and read the gospel message regularly
  • Participated in mission-oriented projects
  • Studied many passages out of both the New and Old Testaments
  • Learned what the Bible says in answer to key questions and which verses back it up
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