The Awana Cubbies program is for children ages 3 and 4, and its primary purpose is to assist parents in providing their children with vital spiritual training.
This is accomplished in four basic ways:
1. Solid, Biblical Teaching
The basic concepts of Christianity are taught through Bible-based handbooks and fun activities.
2. Parental Involvement
The Cubbies program acknowledges parents as the main source of their child’s spiritual education and works to support the parents by encouraging them to work directly with their child on the weekly handbook lessons.
3. Dedicated, Caring Leaders and Fun Characters
Volunteer leaders from Fairview Baptist work hard to be good role models and to build a spiritual foundation in your child’s life. Along their journey, they are accompanied by great characters like Ern E. Elephant, Gigi Giraffe, Luv E. Lamb, Zip E. Zebra, and Cubbie Bear.
4. Fun!
Games, awards, crafts, and other exciting activities make each week a fun-filled learning experience.
Here’s what your child will learn by the end of the two year program:
– About 55 memory verses (or as many as 120 more verses if your child completes the extra –credit curriculum). – The basic truths about God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and salvation.
– The message of the gospel and the need to accept Jesus Christ as Savior.
Curriculum Overview
Before beginning the handbooks, parents and children go through an introductory brochure that briefly describes the program. In addition, God’s salvation plan is explained in simple, easy to understand terms. Once the introduction is complete, children go through two handbooks. Each book contains 24 Bear Hug sections and six special-day sections (optional). Every Bear Hug section starts with a fun story that contains a biblical truth, followed by a verse to memorize and an activity to help the child understand the main point. Children will enjoy the bright, colorful illustrations and parents will enjoy working with their child on each section. Two additional handbooks are available with more verses and great activities if the parent and child would like to get extra credit.
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